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We created TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services) to address the need for EMV payment processing systems. We are passionate about the Convenience Store Industry, and have collective experience of over 100 years in fueling and C-Stores.

Payments made with EMV (chip+pin, tap to pay, Apple Pay, and swipe cards) are more secure than the traditional magnetic card readers.  Consequently. Card processing companies have set a deadline of October 1, 2020 for all point-of-sale systems to operate using EMV technology. After this date, merchants will be liable for any fraudulent payments that occur on non-EMV systems. 

This makes C-Store owners responsible for converting all of their payment systems to EMV - including systems that operate at the dispensers.  Fueling dispenser companies have responded to this expectation and are creating dispensers that utilize EMV. However, this requires a complete replacement of most dispensers with outdated payment systems.  

This may leave you wondering - do you replace all of your perfectly functioning dispensers (at a cost of $20,000+ per dispenser) or do you risk the potential fraudulent debts?


At TXECSS, we've decided that you shouldn't have to choose. 



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