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EMVMadeEZ installs in just 3 Easy Steps.



Complete a new EMV merchant agreement with one of our best –in-breed partners.


Replace your existing in-dispenser card readers  with our best –in-breed EMV card readers.


Connect the EMV Translator to your existing POS and the internet.


Now that’s EMVMadeEZ!

TXECSS has 100+ years of combined experience in payments, fueling, compliance, integrated systems, and artificial intelligence within the c-store industry. We have leveraged this experience to bring together partners who deliver the best-in-breed solutions for EMV upgrades.


With our partners we are able to build solutions that allow c-store merchants to update their existing non-compliant in-dispenser payment system to a compliant EMV in-dispenser payment system for the overall lowest cost. The lowest cost of purchase + the lowest cost of  installation + the lowest ongoing cost = Lowest cost of Ownership! We call it EMVMadeEZ     by TXECSS.


By bringing together the best-in-breed partners we can offer the best rates on EMV processing, same day funding*, and customer support from some of the largest providers in the industry. Best-in-breed equipment partners allow us to keep costs low while still providing ease of installation and support for future needs. Our best-in-breed payment applications allow us to support EMV compliance requirements today while allowing for future growth in areas like loyalty and advertising.


Save $$$

· Equipment

· Installation

· Processing

· Retain existing dispensers & POS        


Installs Quickly & Easily

· Shortest downtime

· Complete install kits provided


Supported Payments

· Bank Cards

· EMV & Mag cards

· Contactless

· Fleet cards*


Connects to Existing Equipment

· Dispensers

· Point of Sale (POS)

· Fuel Controllers

· Internet


Supported by Industry Experts

· Same Day Funding*

· Tried and true equipment

· Foundation for growth



· Loyalty

· Advertising

· Other systems integration

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